We help entrepreneurs protect
and develop their business abroad

If you want to do business abroad, you need more than just a good knowledge of the market.
You need to know the legislation in the country of destination in order to protect your investments and avoid mistakes that could derail the entire operation.

We specialize in drafting international contracts

Contracts are the basis of safe business practices, especially when operating abroad.
If this basis is not well defined, or worse, is absent, your business is in danger of collapsing.
Drafting international contracts requires a wide range of expertise: legal, linguistic and cultural.



We believe that the best way
to avoid problems is to anticipate solutions

It’s common practice to consult a law firm only when a problem or a dispute has come up.
But a legal advice is also useful in preventing problems, doing business safely, and saving time, money, and energy.

Our mission is to help you do business
safely anywhere in the world

You can count on the professional advice of more than 700 legal consultants in 155 countries worldwide: all made possible thanks to the power of our network.


Protect your business with the right contract everywhere you are